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Imaging the Lung

Some basic explanation and interpretation for med students.                 An operatic novel

                                                                                                                        All about Dragons

Chest XRay Tutorial                                                                           

An ancient and I hope amusing file, originally created in Apple's Hypercard in '93. It retains its old style. The reproduction of the films is awful and one went missing. Actually there's a lot of useful stuff there and some more in-depth info than the two below. 

The two links below are a more modern version of the tutorial file.  

Pulmonary Collapse The X Ray findings in lobar collapse

Interpretation of The Chest X ray: the basics of

Radiology History
The early years of radiology. Written on the occasion of the centenary of
Roentgen's discovery.

                         The number 11 Bus Tour of London
An e-book describing how to do a bus tour of London for the price of a day ticket.

                         Ten walks in and around Lewes
An e-book/website combination describing walks in the South Downs.







A novel of Wagner's Ring. Printed and Digital



A short essay on their origins.                                                                top